Manila-based illustrator with no specific subject and style in mind

Parallel universe

Good night o_o

Lost in a book #colored

Lost in a book

Colored! :)

Inked! :)

Haven’t drawn in a while.

It’s a crazy world.

The first “double splash page” (comic book lingo) on my doodle pad, inspired by the many dystopian movies/comics of late :P

Color like a kid. :D

Colored-pencil sketch of a “beautiful lady” accdg to Google search :))

Awkward silence.

Family portrait

Comic style! :) Drawn and inked by hand then colored digitally.

Girl with flowers in her hair

This afternoon’s doodle.
Pencil and watercolor on paper. 8 x 10”.

Right in the middle of summer.
(Dagupan ‘14)

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